About us

Peak Financial Services is the first registered MasterCard® Program Manager Company, who offers specific solutions for Central-Eastern European region. In the region the prepaid card solution is in its early stages, however there is a growing need for it than in Western Europe. Peak brings the advanced Anglo-Saxon financial solution to the Eastern European market, where the currencies, the financial culture and the banking structure is fragmented alike.


Prepaid MasterCard

Online Account

Funding Account

Card Acquiring

Worldwide Acceptance

Risk Management

As a program manager Peak Financial Services offers the above solutions in co-operation with its service providers.

Peak Financial Services is the first and the only Eastern European GX member. GX brings together the most innovative payment provider companies, and provides networking opportunities to them to share their experiences and researches.


The Emerging Payments Association brings together companies across the emerging payments spectrum to help shape the future of the payments industry landscape. Our mission is to make the UK a global leader in payments innovation by attracting investment capital and creating a hospitable regulatory environment for innovators, new entrants and disruptors.