Prepaid MasterCard

The Prepaid MasterCard® is not connected to any bank account, this way it provides spending, cash withdrawal and money transfer functions with lower costs. Collections of remittances are not feasible against the prepaid card balance. The registration and the sales of the prepaid cards can be performed online, without any physical presence requirement, this feature provides cross-border expansion opportunity.

As a Program Manager we provide ready-to-launch prepaid card programs, and fully customized white label prepaid card programs, with assisting our Clients from the beginning, the design phase through the implementation till the prepaid card issuance.

Program Management

White Label

Our White Label solution contains the entirely customized Prepaid MasterCard and the online card management platform, beside these our Client can setup discretionary condition list to their card program and they are able to connect its IT infrastructure with our back office system.

Many, many reasons to use Prepaid Card

Bank independent

Prepaid Mastercard is not linked to bank account

Cost effective

Lower and more calculable fees than banking products

Online operation

Prepaid card programs operating fully online


Peak are our first Program Manager in the Hungarian market and as such have a great insight into how programs should be delivered to be aligned with the local expectations in the region in which they operate.
David Carr

David Carr


EU Prepaid Ltd.

Peak is leading the way in emerging payments. The opportunity for innovative financial services products, from prepaid to contactless, and mobile to digital payments. With the expertise of the programme management team at Peak and their commitment to being the first and the best, I am confident they will succeed.
Tony Craddock

Tony Craddock

Director General


Prepaid cards are the most rapidly developing products of the financial sector. On the agonizing bankcard market of Hungary we have been starving out for a groundbreaking success for decades. Now Peak Financial Services has the opportunity to take the lead in this sector in the CEE region. Good luck!
Péter Homa

Péter Homa

bank card expert