Flexible, ready-to-use solutions Peak Finacial Services offers wide range of services: from the fixed priced prepaid card product, named CashCard, to the entirely customized Prepaid MasterCard® product, with the Client’s image.

CashCard Referral Program

Our Referral program is suitable for small companies; we can offer them an integrated payment solution with outstanding rebate based on the transactions.

Co-branded Referral Program

Our Co-branded program provides a CashCard with Client’s own logo. With our Co-branded program every transaction made by the Prepaid Card will increase brand awareness and income as well.

Full Branded Referral Program

Our Full Branded program offers a Prepaid MasterCard with Client’s design and logo based on the CashCard conditions and technical background.

White Label Solutions

Our White Label solution contains the entirely customized Prepaid MasterCard and the online card management platform, beside these our Client can setup discretionary condition list to their card program and they are able to connect its IT infrastructure with our back office system.


Bank independent

Is not linked to bank account


Dynamic (single use) CVC for online payments.

Worldwide acceptance

Operating without borders


Effective cost control

API control

Dynamic API connections


Real-time inbound transfers


Customizable loyalty program


Flexible reward programs

Online operating

Prepaid card programs operating fully online

As a program manager Peak Financial Services offers the above solutions in co-operation with its service providers.

Possible utilisation of prepaid cards

General Consumer

Prepaid card designed for general purposes. Peak Financial Services’ prepaid cards provide all functions required to manage daily finance.


Our Payroll Solution offers a main account and Prepaid cards. The Company transfers to the main account and all connected prepaid card can be load internally.

Corporate Expense

The Company can order countless prepaid card connected to their main account, the cards can be loaded one-by-one, or using our back office system and uploading batch files for loading multiple cards with one transaction. The employees can use the cards to cover any corporate expense.


Similar to the payroll solution, the company can use the cards connected to their main account, to manage payments to their business partners, agents.


General Consumer or Corporate Expense prepaid cards with favorable international fees and exchange rates.


One prepaid card – separated multiple currency sub-balances. Any payment performed by the prepaid card will debit the balance in the same currency as the transaction.

The set up time and price of the programs depends on the requested features and types of the prepaid program. Any program is subject to the issuer’s approval.