Why Prepaid

Prepaid card is the fastest growing payment instrument worldwide.

What is Prepaid Card

Prepaid MasterCard® provides the convenience of a bank card without the unwanted charges and obligations. Prepaid cards are simple to use whenever you travel, transfer money or purchase items on or off line. You can top it up before using and spend your money without going into debt.

Prepaid MasterCard can be used for business as well. Build it into your company’s daily cash flow to keep control of all expenses or order a card for your employees and partners and pay their salaries and expenses with ease.

The Growth of Prepaid

The global transaction volume of open-loop prepaid cards have grown more than 20% during the past five years.
Number of Global Open-loop Prepaid Card Transactions (Billion), 2009-2014F (CAGR: 21.5%)*

Reasons for popularity

Prepaid programs can be profitable and useful not only for the program owners, but these prepaid cards and emerging payment solutions are comfortable and safe for customers.
  • Low set-up fees
  • Flexible program design and fee structure
  • Safe - because it is a MasterCard
  • Rapid liquidity
  • Outstanding profitability
  • Great cross-selling product
  • Security
  • Increasing popularity of PayPass

Size of the prepaid market

Prepaid Market Share – Transaction Value (Billion USD)**

The benefits of prepaid

Prepaid cards are no longer simply the last resort for the underbanked, they are solving all kinds of problems all kind of sectors, all over the world.

General Consumer

With using prepaid card cardholders get simpler payment instruments than with using any banking instrument.

Corporate Expense

The Company can order countless number of card using our online platform in order to manage corporate expenses.

PayRoll Solution

The Company can transfer money to their employees, business partners or agents easily, using internal transactions.

No Collection of Remittances

Collections of remittances are not feasible against the prepaid card balance; the cardholders have secure account with us.

Bank independent

Prepaid cards are not connected to a bank account; the providers cannot use the balance of the prepaid card and never use it for lending.


Our prepaid cards can be locked by SMS anytime, and we provide dynamic (single use) CVC.

The future of prepaid

The next few year prepaid can be the best selling payment instrument.
Projected Open-Loop Prepaid Growth 2010 – 2017***

* Source: Capgemini Analysis, 2013; ‘2010 Federal Reserve Payments Study’, Federal Reserve Bank Services; ‘A Look at the Potential for Global Prepaid Growth by 2017’,
MasterCard Worldwide

**Source: Global Prepaid Exchange

***Source: The Boston Consulting Group, January 2012